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Our focus is simple: we power the good to be great. Our natively built, all-in-one CRM helps nonprofits enrich relationships, raise more money, and broaden their impact.

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Get the Right Tools

Avoid the Risks

Don’t let outdated, complicated software hold you back from success! Choose a nonprofit CRM that's built with your needs in mind. The wrong technology can hold your mission back in many ways.

Timely tasks that aren't automated

A CRM that can't scale as you grow

Lost funding due to low engagement

Best for Fundraising

Nonprofit CRM Software That Puts Donors First

With a 360° view of your donors and a full suite of tools, CharityEngine allows you to improve your donors' experiences and drive better fundraising outcomes. We aren't the only CRM in the market, but we are unique in several important ways.

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The only true all-in-one nonprofit CRM

Only fundraising CRM with native functionality for streamlined data and robust reporting.

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Enterprise-level capabilities

Large-scale email and marketing automation are our business.

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Unmatched payment processing

You can't find a more secure, more direct payment processor for nonprofits.

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Scalable for any organization

Our software offers donor management and fundraising tools for any size charity.

Three Easy Steps

Discover Our Solution

We know it can seem overwhelming to consider implementing new software. But in three easy steps, you’ll be on your way to deeper donor relationships, increased giving, and having an even more profound impact on your mission.

A Complete Solution

Built for Nonprofit Success

CharityEngine's all-in-one nonprofit CRM has every tool you need for complete donor management, strategic fundraising, and a 360° view of donor interactions. Book a demo today to learn how CharityEngine can help your mission succeed.

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An Expert Guide

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We've been building technology for nonprofits since 2008.

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Stop wasting time, energy, and money on a nonprofit CRM that isn't built with your mission in mind. At CharityEngine, we care about your unique needs and want to see your nonprofit grow. Ready to get started?

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