Mass Texting and Text-to-Give Software

Take Giving Mobile

Text-to-give makes donating easy. Reach a broad audience and put engagement tools in the palm of their hands for increased fundraising.

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Mobile At Its Best

It’s All About Making It Easy for Donors

With CharityEngine, you can use text-to-give software to provide your donors with actionable steps to make a contribution easily. Incorporate mass texting and SMS into automated outreach efforts to engage your donors.

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Text-to-Give Second
A Valuable Tool

Complement Your Fundraising Efforts

Amp up your fundraising efforts with text-to-give or mass text campaigns. Planning an auction? Mobile bidding means on-the-go bids are a breeze. By reaching your donors where they are through text-to-give, giving is easy and fundraising is seamless.

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Integrated Data for Targeted Campaigns

An all-in-one CRM means your donor data is in one place and integrated to work together with your text-to-give software.


As Easy as a Text

Reach your donors anywhere. With a quick text, they can access an easy-to-use form and donate with the press of a button.


Dynamic, Response-Driven Messages

Our smart text-to-give software offers automated yet tailored responses, depending on each donor's actions.

Time to Go!

Ready to Add Texting to Your Fundraising Efforts?

Getting started is easy! 

What is text-to-give?

How do I get started with text-to-give or mass texting?

What are the benefits of using SMS texts to raise money?

Is text-to-give safe?

Leverage Data for Results

A Nonprofit CRM That Does It All

With tools such as text-to-give and mass texting native to our software, CharityEngine makes it easy to create customized, multi-pronged fundraising campaigns. 

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