Mass Texting and Text-to-Give Software

Take Giving Mobile

Text-to-give makes donating easy. Reach a broad audience and put engagement tools in the palm of their hands for increased fundraising.

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Mobile At Its Best

It’s All About Making It Easy for Donors

With CharityEngine, you can use text-to-give software to provide your donors with actionable steps to make a contribution easily. Incorporate mass texting and SMS into automated outreach efforts to engage your donors.

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Text-to-Give Second
A Valuable Tool

Complement Your Fundraising Efforts

Amp up your fundraising efforts with text-to-give or mass text campaigns. Planning an auction? Mobile bidding means on-the-go bids are a breeze. By reaching your donors where they are through text-to-give, giving is easy and fundraising is seamless.

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Integrated Data for Targeted Campaigns

An all-in-one CRM means your donor data is in one place and integrated to work together with your text-to-give software.


As Easy as a Text

Reach your donors anywhere. With a quick text, they can access an easy-to-use form and donate with the press of a button.


Dynamic, Response-Driven Messages

Our smart text-to-give software offers automated yet tailored responses, depending on each donor's actions.

Client Success Story

Tupelo Children’s Mansion

Tupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM) used CharityEngine for their inaugural SMS campaign and raised $75,000. The efficient and affordable digital outreach results have inspired TCM to expand its digital campaigns, forgoing costly direct mail appeals. 

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"It never fails! When we send out a text reminder, we get immediate responses and donations."

Angela Parker, Director of Administration  |  Tupelo Children’s Mansion

Time to Go!

Ready to Add Texting to Your Fundraising Efforts?

Getting started is easy! 

What is text-to-give?

How do I get started with text-to-give or mass texting?

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Leverage Data for Results

A Nonprofit CRM That Does It All

With tools such as text-to-give and mass texting native to our software, CharityEngine makes it easy to create customized, multi-pronged fundraising campaigns. 

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