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What Do You Want to Do With CharityEngine?

Our extensive APIs mean that you can easily build, customize, and manage your CharityEngine assets. Whether you want your system to talk to the CharityEngine platform, or even another third-party system, our robust APIs and integrations make it easy to have customized software. 

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Everything is possible

Technology Answers to Business Questions

No matter what your question is about CharityEngine’s capabilities, we can do it. If you want to work on the front end and use our JavaScript API, or if you need our SOAP API for a website integration, or you want to package and embed widgets on your website, CharityEngine’s answer is a resounding yes. 

A developer favorite

Developers Partner With CharityEngine

In our nerdy tech world, developer compliments feel like someone is bringing us flowers.

DonorPacks is a partner of ours. Their developer considers CharityEngine to be "incredibly configurable," and he created a customized dashboard for CharityEngine client Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health. As doctors progress through the steps to certification, their progress is easily viewed on a custom dashboard.

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Story of CharityEngine

Why was CharityEngine Built?

You may know our software was initially built to help Wounded Warrior Project reach impressive fundraising goals. In this video, Phil Schmitz of CharityEngine and John Coogan, who was with Wounded Warrior in the beginning, talk about those early days and share some of the conversations that resulted in our unique fundraising platform.

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Heard around town

What do CharityEngine Clients Say?

Don't take it from us! Listen to what clients have to say about CharityEngine's flexibility and integration capabilities.

"Setting up our Direct Response Television (DRTV) initiative required a lot of integration among multiple vendors needed for the delivery of television ads and processing/tracking of sustainer donations. CharityEngine's robust Integration API played a huge role in ensuring all data was synced among vendors and everyone was aligned, not only during the initial launch but also in ongoing management of the infrastructure."

"One of CharityEngine's most valuable attributes is its robust and secure integration services. The API made it easy to sync data between our two key systems, Dynamics and CharityEngine, which allows our sales and marketing teams to work together and share information more efficiently."

Broad capabilities

Programming Languages and APIs

Use any integration tool to customize your implementation.

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Ultimate flexibility

Popular Integrations

Here’s a look at some of the integrations our clients have requested.

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Ready to do more?

API and Integration Pages

If you want to take a deep dive into the APIs and integrations available with CharityEngine, visit the pages to learn more details. If you’re interested in learning more about CharityEngine, book a demo. 

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