Nonprofit Email Marketing Software

Easily Automate Your Email Marketing

Automate donor outreach for successful email marketing campaigns. Launch high-volume campaigns with targeted deliverability.

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Elevate Your Outreach

Advanced Functionality for Email and Reporting

With custom domain sending options, email validation tools, A/B testing, custom tracking URLs, and advanced analytics, email marketing automation can become part of your core engagement efforts. Our intelligent software lets you automate real-time emails based on user actions for a donor-customized response.

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Easy and Effective

Take Email Marketing Automation to a New Level

Design impactful emails and get them to the right audience at the right time. Create validated recipient lists and send targeted emails to your most receptive audiences. Test designs and content with A/B testing and perfect your outreach to get results.

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Create Custom Templates

Use pre-designed templates or create your own. Your emails will be responsive, so donors can see them on any screen.


Manage Your List

Using data in your CRM, pull together a list and validate the email addresses. Data aggregated in CharityEngine will point you towards the most appropriate audience.


Test Your Message

Using A/B testing and advanced analytics, discover which designs and messages best engage your audiences.

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Customers Want to Know…

With a full suite of email marketing automation tools, an all-in-one CRM like CharityEngine helps you effectively target your donors for maximum engagement.

Can I customize the domain from which I am sending emails?

Can CharityEngine help me create a list of email recipients?

How can I measure the effectiveness of an email campaign?

Engage Donors

Personalize Your Outreach

Nothing appeals to your donors like personalized communication with a message that resonates. Robust email marketing automation tools give you the power to engage your donors thoughtfully and at the right time. Effective email campaigns can be your most successful fundraising effort!

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