Reporting & Analytics Software for Nonprofits

Power Your Growth With Data

Leverage out-of-the-box and customized reporting capabilities to get answers and actionable insights with CharityEngine’s nonprofit analytics software. Our powerful tools ensure your data is always available.

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Harness AI for Insights

Automated Intelligence

All of your great data won't trigger growth unless you measure, analyze, and act on it. Extract insights through automated reporting with advanced query options and easy-to-use, configurable dashboards. CharityEngine's business intelligence analyzes patterns to highlight opportunities for your nonprofit to grow.

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Reporting and Analytics Second
Analytics and Reporting Software For Enterprise Clients

Microsoft Power BI

We power charities of all sizes to be great, but our bigger clients appreciate our sophisticated capabilities. With enterprise-level Microsoft BI, your nonprofit is powered to make data-driven decisions. Data is hosted in a data warehouse (DBaaS) for ultimate security and peace of mind.

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reporting & analytics

Let Data Work for You

Every interaction with your donors should influence your next outreach efforts. Let your CRM record every touchpoint and show you the path for making the biggest impact possible.

reporting & analytics

Advanced Query Options for Customized Reports

Query your data any way you want. Use dozens of off-the-shelf reports or create your own using SQL and Boolean logic and data manipulation. 

reporting & analytics

Enterprise-Level Capabilities

For those clients who need it, we have Microsoft Power BI to create interactive dashboards and mine large amounts of data quickly to deliver strategic insights. 

What Makes Our Analytics Software Different?

Common Conversations

Most nonprofit software products offer some level reporting and analytics, but a nonprofit CRM with enterprise-level capabilities can make a massive difference as you plan your growth strategy.

What can nonprofit analytics software help me do?

How do I solve my reporting and analytics needs with software?

How do I know which data points to track?

Data-Driven Decisions

Nonprofit Analytics Software That Saves You Time

Share automated reports for real-time insights and take back time to focus on your mission. CharityEngine's nonprofit software is trusted by top national nonprofits as well as local charities to provide the reports they need to fulfill their missions. 

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