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Nonprofits whose mission is to improve the lives of children deserve a technology partner that will help them grow. CharityEngine teams with educational organizations to make the world a little brighter for kids.

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Rally grassroots support.

Your reach is limitless when you use peer-to-peer campaigns to engage communities across the country.

Advocate for youth.

Our advocacy module gives you all the tools you need to engage with leaders and effect lasting change.

Segment your audiences.

By segmenting your supporters strategically, you will ensure the right message gets to the right audience. 

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Case Study


TigerImpact was created in the wake of rules that allowed college athletes to earn money for their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The nonprofit engages donors to fund the NIL market value of Clemson University student athletes; in return, the athletes dedicate time and energy to underserved charities. The students are compensated for their NIL, and the charities get a marketing, and at times, funding boost from the association and the work done by the students.

This nonprofit came to CharityEngine needing software that could quickly and easily integrate with existing Clemson technology. In particular, they sought robust donor management, event and marketing technology, and payment processing.

CharityEngine customized a solution to create a TigerImpact Enterprise System incorporating the various needs of this fast-growing nonprofit. We're proud to partner with this organization serving students and nonprofits.

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“CharityEngine has been a gamechanger for TigerImpact. As a 501c(3) NIL purpose-driven Collective for Clemson student-athletes, it was imperative that we on-board quickly donor, event, marketing, and financial management systems that could fully integrate with our student-athlete procurement and payroll NIL Management System. The staff was able to help us develop a TigerImpact enterprise system specifically tailored to our needs. They have also been amazing trainers and have been super resourceful as we continue to get our feet under us in this newly formed collegiate athletics space and fully integrate our operations.”


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CharityEngine is a long-term partner providing solutions for educational nonprofits. As your organization grows, we're right by your side!

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