Nonprofit Payment Processing

Secure, Fast Payment Processing

Our in-house, PCI-certified payment processing technology with patent-pending fraud prevention can quickly process more than 1,000 transactions per second.  

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Competitive & Secure

Payment Processing and Billing Engine for Nonprofits

CharityEngine's large-scale, secure payment processing and enterprise billing engine allows your nonprofit to run smoothly and ensures an easy giving experience for your donors.

Let your donors give how they want—PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH—as well as from where they want. Our software accepts multi-currency transactions as well as payments from Europe, Africa, India, Asia, and anywhere else your donors live and give.

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Easy Payment Options

Integrated Payment Processing and Billing

Let’s make it easy for donors to support your nonprofit! With online bill payment and billing software that gives you supreme flexibility, you can accept donations, process payments, and analyze collected revenue with just a few clicks.

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Online Bill Payments

Our easy-to-use, responsive online app lets donors give on-the-go. We also make it easy for donors to change their form of payment and save their information.

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Flexible Billing Software

Maximize revenue collection and donor retention with a subscription billing model and automated workflows. Sync chargebacks and returns for maximum collection.

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PCI-Certified, SOC 2-Certified Payment Processing

These certifications mean that CharityEngine's payment processing software is regularly audited and held to the highest security standards.

Industry-Leading Capabilities

In-House ACH Processing

CharityEngine has in-house banking capabilities, meaning that all bank transfers like checks can be processed without a middleman or gateway. What does this mean for clients?

Better Customer Service

When you have a question, we don't need to run it up the flagpole...we are the flagpole. Your questions will be answered quickly.

Better Security

Both data and money will have direct paths from a donor to your nonprofit to your bank account. Fewer touches mean less vulnerability.

Better Rates

Without multiple organizations moving money through the system, there are fewer fees. In-house processing means lower rates for clients. 

CharityEngine CEO Phil Schmitz

Mobile Pay

Fundraising on the Go

Use a mobile pay app to process donations onsite quickly and securely. You can enroll donors on the spot and even send receipts from the app. When you're ready to up your game, add a credit card swiper that's integrated with the app!

Payment Processing for Nonprofits

Frequently Asked Questions

Many nonprofits focus on increasing donations and don’t pay attention to what happens after the donation is made. It’s a complex issue made easier if you understand the basics and how to select the best option. Here are some common questions we receive:

What the the best option for payment processing?

How much does payment processing cost?

What are the most important things to look for when it’s time to shop?

An All-in-One Solution

Make it Easy to Give

Secure, convenient payment processing makes it easy to give, and large-scale, low-cost payment processing means you don’t have to spend time worrying about what’s happening to donations. With a collection rate that hovers around 98%, CharityEngine has the tools you need.

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