Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer Management Made Easy

Nonprofits can manage, nurture, support, and thank donors using native volunteer management software in a truly all-in-one platform.

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Nonprofit Volunteer Management

All Your Data in One Place

At a glance, get a holistic view of your volunteers. Understand why and how they engage with your organization so you can tailor personalized communications and improve engagement and retention.

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Automate Volunteer Management

Smart Automation Keeps Volunteers Connected

Nonprofits can leverage advanced automation capabilities to recruit and nurture volunteers. Additional tools help ensure accurate reporting.

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Recruit Volunteers

The powerful database will collect and analyze hundreds of data points, helping you identify and recruit volunteers. 

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Smart Forms to Track Volunteers

Create signup forms then customize them to collect the information you need to have complete donor records. 

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Record Volunteer Hours for Grant Applications

Accurate records can help nonprofits assess community impact, earn more grant funding, and recognize volunteer contributions. 

Volunteers Are Key to Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofits that focus on volunteer recruitment and management find that events and campaigns are more successful! Here are answers to a few common questions. 

Why is volunteer management software important?

What does CharityEngine’s volunteer management software provide?

What are some tips for effective volunteer management?

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