Membership Management Software

Engage Your Members

With an all-in-one CRM, you can automate member communication and encourage supporters to get involved. Our membership management software provides robust reporting to help you identify trends and forecast growth.

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Membership Management Software for Nonprofits

Tools to Retain Your Charity's Members

It's easy to lose members if you're not paying attention. Tools that help you manage missed membership payments will help retain your valuable supporters. Additionally, you can leverage your members' data to measure engagement, retention, and develop an acquisition strategy.

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Membership Management
Centralized Data

Powerful Software to Manage Members

With all of your charity's members' data synced and in one place, you can easily analyze activity, identify patterns, and find new ways to encourage members to engage.

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Robust Reporting and Analytics

Pull reports to identify trends in member behavior. Quickly scan for missed payments or lapsed memberships to improve retention.


Manage Your Charity's Chapters

If you have a parent organization with chapters, a CRM will help you keep all the information synced and organized.


Everything in One Place

No more waiting for individual reports to have complete data. Contacts, membership history, and communication are all saved in your all-in-one CRM's membership management software.

When Membership Matters

How CharityEngine's Membership Management Software is Different

If your nonprofit accepts members, the process is a little different than it is with standard donors. 

What is membership management?

What is the difference between donors and members?

Does my nonprofit need members?

What are some benefits my nonprofit can offer members?

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You Never Knew Membership Management Could Be So Easy

If you have members, you know there's a lot you have to do to manage them. A nonprofit CRM can automate nearly every aspect of membership management, doing the work for you.

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