Major Gift Software

Manage Major Gifts and Planned Giving

Track prospects, monitor donor activities, and automate alerts and actions to maximize your revenue from major gifts and giving. 

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Managing Major Gifts

Make a Lasting Impact

You might have heard that major gifts can make up about 85% of the average nonprofit's total revenue. Major gift software can automate key management processes, freeing up time to focus on your organization’s impact, knowing the major giving lifecycle is running smoothly.

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Nurture Vital Donors

Automate to Maximize Impact

When you automate the steps of cultivating major gifts, such as identification, solicitation, and stewardship, you can more easily manage these essential relationships.

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Track Opportunities

Track applications and opportunities, cultivate major gifts, and manage projects with a few easy clicks.

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Assign Activities and Manage Files

Keep track of tasks, application deadlines, and your files all one spot. With an all-in-one major gift software solution, all your records will be synced automatically.

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Robust Analytics and Reporting

Track your revenue progress and goals, then pull custom reports to analyze the data through different filters.

A Few Thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions

Major gifts and planned giving are a natural addition to your fundraising strategy. Here are answers to common questions we receive when it comes to gifts, grants, and giving.

How can I create a major gifts program?

Where can I find major gift donors?

What are the best practices for successful major giving efforts?

How do I keep gift-givers engaged?

Time Well Spent

Nurture Major Gifts

The bigger the gift, the more time, planning, and resources it might require to nurture them. Increase donor engagement, automate nurturing, and leverage data to increase your impact with major gift software.

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