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Faith-based organizations have broad support. How can you reach a diverse group of donors with messages they want to hear? With an all-in-one CRM, you can customize and personalize your messages and which channels you use to reach supporters where they are.

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Nurture donors

Keep Support Growing

A healthy pipeline of supporters guarantees the sustainability of your nonprofit. It can take many touches to bring someone from a casual supporter to a major donor, and tools that help you connect are the keys to success.

Let the CRM do the work.

Segment your donors, and use data to determine the correct channels and appeals. Track results in real time to keep campaigns nimble and use our tools to send thank-you notes and follow up on anniversaries automatically.

Is advocacy your plan?

Dispatch ardent supporters to effect change that matters. Create the messaging and let them pick the channels to advocate for support. Launch mobile surveys to check in on advocates and broadcast your results.

Advanced reporting offers insights.

CharityEngine offers industry-leading reporting and analytics software to faith-based organizations. Generate reports that display the data you care about. Customize dashboards and drill down into specific metrics for actionable appeal insights. 

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Case Study


KSBJ, owned by Hope Media Group, is a Christian radio station that strives to be the Voice of Hope in Houston, Texas. This client dreams big and calls on CharityEngine's technology to make their dreams come true!

A recent fundraising appeal resulted in the group raising millions to support their station and programming. How did they do it?

They did it with a massive event featuring a live DJ who could watch a screen (powered by CharityEngine) and announce gifts in real time. Stories would scroll and chimes would sound when goals were hit. Volunteers manned phone banks and our software manned the online donations.

There's very little that we can't do with our flexible, adaptable technology.

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Heard on the Street

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Hope Media is a content creation company and we have multiple platforms, including KSBJ radio. Only 5% of our audience base donates to our organization, so reaching that 95% has been our focus for the past few years. Prioritizing and cultivating these potential donors, using CharityEngine's tools, will continue to be our largest areas of growth."

Hope Media Group/KSBJ

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Our CRM Can Fuel Your Fundraising

Let us show you how CharityEngine can be the answer to your fundraising and donor engagement challenges. If you don't have challenges, let us show you how we can improve upon your numbers! Reach out and take a look.

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