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Unleash the Power of CharityEngine Academy

When you’re ready to explore the many ways CharityEngine helps you raise money and engage donors, the Academy is ready to help.

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A Closer Look

What is the CharityEngine Academy?

The Academy is a training tool for CharityEngine clients. Progress through courses on emails and campaigns, events, reports and analytics, web forms, and more. Learn the nuances of these powerful features!

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It’s All Right Here

Training Created For Busy Fundraisers

Every team member moves through the courses on their own time and at their own speed. Your progress will be saved, so you can always pick up right where you left off. Check the dashboard to see the training time you’ve logged and the levels you’ve reached…as well as the badges you’ve earned!

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Get Certified

After completing a designated number of trainings, you’ll be awarded a CharityEngine Academy certificate. More importantly, you will be an expert in all aspects of donor management and fundraising.

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Take a Deep Dive

This isn’t cursory training! Our team walks students through the most often-used modules and covers the questions we’re asked. With multiple areas of focus in each course, you’ll learn the details that will make your life easier.

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Be in the Know

CharityEngine’s software is constantly evolving. To understand the latest developments and how they can impact your fundraising and donor management, just log into the Academy and receive specialized training.

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You Ask, We Answer

CharityEngine Academy is available to all current clients. Here are some common questions we’re asked.

How do I access CharityEngine Academy?

How does the Academy work?

Why should I use CharityEngine Academy?

Can everyone on my team access the Academy?

Does the Academy offer support?

Can I use CharityEngine without accessing all the trainings?

Get Certified!

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Built to Make Great Fundraisers Stronger

The CharityEngine Academy was created to teach clients the myriad ways this powerful software can help with donor management and fundraising. Once clients progress through the modules, they’re amazed at the knowledge and skills they can readily apply to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. It’s invaluable to know a platform inside and out!

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