Online Fundraising Software

The one-stop online donation software tool you need for your donors to give easily, accurately and securely.

Create Campaigns

Creatively engage supporters from their first email or digital ad click through every interaction across their donor journey.

Donation & Event Forms

Keep every gift, ticket, advocacy action, and peer-to-peer pages in sync for easy automation & reporting.

Create Engaged Donors

Give donors the luxury of our DIY User Center to manage preferences, interests, profiles, donations & event guests.

Plus, every donor management tool you need to show your appreciation every way you can.

How it helps

Our online fundraising platform is for nonprofits who are entrenched in their current database of record for major gift and direct mail, but want more fluidity and report-ability across digital.

Online Donation Forms

Online Donation Forms often kick off your relationship with donors. Our forms make sure you start it right, matching your creativity with secure payment tools, data collection, and response automation.

Email Marketing

Everything you do with your current email marketing tool, you can do with CharityEngine. Just as easily and just as beautifully, but with native-built integrated automation and reporting.


Run every event - from ticketing for black-tie galas to RSVPs for small gatherings - with integrated email communications, payment tools, and even self-service table management.

Peer-to-Peer / DIY

Our peer-to-peer fundraising platform not only makes it easy to set up personal and team pages for grassroots and hosted events, but makes it easy for all of that effort to feed your donor strategy.

User Center

Our platform comes with our branded User Center to give your donors and supporters more of the account control they expect from today's consumer experience.


A perfect fix of maximum automation and custom control of Acknowledgement letters and emails so you can manage "Thank You's" with both mass efficiency and personalization.

Data & Workflow Automation

As data comes in - whether through form Submits, email Clicks or web page Visits - our namesake Engine takes over, automating processes, data attribution, and segmentations.

Communication Series

Drag-n-drop your way to automated drip campaigns and welcome series based on any action or data point across the platform. "Set it and forget it" meets real-time personalization.

Billing & Payment Engine

Our recurring billing, invoicing, and re-billing automation runs in the background to make things easier for your donors.

Are we missing something?

Our tool does far more than is shown in this list. Is there anything else you are looking for? Ask our team about it.

I have implemented CE at two non-profits. And utilized CE as our on-line partner for fundraising with great results. The growth and strength of this platform over the past 8+ year has been amazing.
Mike Fisher, Vice President of Development
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