Nonprofit CRM

Our all-in-one nonprofit CRM connects all of your fundraising, marketing, and strategic initiative data in a single centralized location for analysis. Workflow automation makes it easy to collect, save, and synchronize data for your mission.

Connect every aspect of your Nonprofit strategy with a single comprehensive solution.

CharityEngine’s Nonprofit CRM software saves and organizes data from your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns, marketing efforts, and other initiatives to complete donor profiles and compile data for analysis.

Whether you’re running an event, launching a peer-to-peer campaign, or collecting donations for your annual campaign, you can streamline your data into your nonprofit CRM to review, analyze, and act upon for future strategies.

Nonprofit CRM Features

Explore CharityEngine’s configurable dashboard and comprehensive donor profiles to dive deeper into your organization’s donor engagement metrics, email correspondences, fundraising analytics, advocacy campaigns, and more.

Build out donor profiles within your nonprofit CRM so that you have all of the contact information you need, as well as details regarding supporter preferences, in order to create a personalized experience for each one.
Collect donations from your configured online donation pages, process it through CharityEngine’s secure payment processor, and save data immediately in your CRM.
Create custom fundraising pages and analyze the details from each campaign individually in your nonprofit CRM solution. Then, adjust your view in CharityEngine to get a birds-eye understanding of your organization’s fundraising as a whole!
Use CharityEngine to save both donor fundraising data in your CRM and other engagement metrics regarding each supporter, like their event attendances and volunteer experience for a well-rounded view of the entire donor journey for each supporter.
Advance your mission through advocacy campaigns and measure key metrics on CharityEngine’s advocacy dashboard. The analytics shown in this feature of your nonprofit CRM helps you see which decision-makers you’ve reached out to, how often, and to what effect.
Only with CharityEngine can you immediately capture all relevant data from your email marketing campaigns in your CRM dashboard for a complete understanding of the types of messaging supporters want to see.
Incentivize donations by offering your supporters merchandise for sale. Track these sales in your nonprofit CRM to discover your most popular offerings and revenue earned through the e-commerce platform.
Sync financial data and reconcile accounts with a nonprofit CRM that’s natively integrated with your accounting system. CharityEngine is a fully connected system that makes it easy to keep all departments on the same page.
With CharityEngine, you can schedule regular custom reports to keep your team informed on regular operation details or pull one-off reports to dive deeper into various aspects of your strategy.
As you receive data in your nonprofit CRM from form submissions, click-throughs, or website visits, CharityEngine’s automated workflows take care of your data attribution and segmentation processes, freeing your team up to focus on your mission.
Configure your dashboards on your CharityEngine powered nonprofit CRM to show the data that’s most important for your organization’s strategy and aligned with your current goals.

How it works

CharityEngine provides an all-in-one nonprofit CRM with all of the tools to do the heavy lifting when it comes to attributing and organizing the data that streams in from your fundraising, stewardship, and marketing initiatives.

What people say

"The level of transparency into our business, especially payment processing is unmatched. The experience with Charity Engine felt more like a partnership than a vendor / client relationship and I believe this contributed to our overall success."
Dana Bunke, Global Executive Director
ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Previous client/user from Wounded Warrior)

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