How to Make Your Donor Your Superhero

Learn the secret weapon for nonprofit success: your donor really is your superhero, so how can you prove it?

What Will Charitable Giving Look Like in 2022?

Learn how nonprofits can take advantage of technology to maximize giving and growth this year.

How to Select a Nonprofit CRM

Necessary features and why a CRM is the best choice

4 Steps to Maximize Year-End Giving

Planning process, best practices, and post campaign efforts

The $50K Monthly Giving Mistake: Why Retention Rates Matter

Subscription billing insights and best practices

Drive Donations and Engagement: What Matching Gifts Can Do For You

Matching gift industry statistics and best practices

Stewardship: The Art of Saying Thank You

Best practices to show gratitude to your donors

Stewardship: How to do it in CE

Take the tips from Part 1 and put them into practice using CE

Webinar: Muddle in the Middle

Finding high level donors who need to be on your radar

Webinar: 6-month Plan

Build a Fundraising Plan in 40 mins 

Webinar: Virtual Events

How to throw a virtual fundraiser

Webinar: Peer-to-Peer

See our reimagined p2p module

Webinar: Multi-Channel

How to track email, mail, social & more

Sustainer Webinar Recap

Managing a 1k+ Monthly Giving Program

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