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How Stone Belt Turned Giving Tuesday into Giving Triumph

A nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities transformed its Giving Tuesday campaign, resulting in its most successful fundraiser yet.


Stone Belt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Through various programs, including employment assistance, supported living, and education opportunities, it strives to empower and uplift individuals with developmental disabilities to participate in community life.

In 2023, Stone Belt's Director of Community Engagement, Adam Hamel, sought a new CRM solution for the organization. Motivated by the sunsetting of their current platform, Salsa Labs, Adam was determined not to transition to Bonterra without considering other options. He saw this as a chance to elevate the organization's capabilities beyond the confines of its existing CRM.

"CharityEngine stood out for its automated workflows beyond traditional fundraising platform offerings."

Adam Hamel, Director of Community Engagement  |  Stone Belt


The urgency of preparing for the 2023 giving season was a driving force behind Stone Belt's timeline for implementing a new CRM system. A pivotal aspect was Stone Belt's Giving Tuesday fundraiser. After selecting CharityEngine as its CRM and fundraising platform, Stone Belt underwent training as part of its comprehensive implementation process. Yet, urgency became paramount as the organization prepared for the giving season. Amidst growing comfort with the platform, Stone Belt turned to CharityEngine's support for assistance as questions arose.


"The support is amazing. I've been very pleased. Whenever I've had an issue, someone is there to help me either work through it or put a fix to it.”

Adam Hamel, Director of Community Engagement  |  Stone Belt


Beyond the Giving Tuesday campaign, Stone Belt maximizes the time-saving benefits of CharityEngine's automation and reporting features. Stone Belt efficiently generates tailored reports identifying lapsed donors by configuring solicitation mailing lists to trigger at specific intervals. This streamlined process eliminates manual tasks and ensures reports are promptly delivered to the right individuals, freeing valuable time for strategic initiatives.

Stone Belt's Giving Tuesday


Reflecting on the outcomes achieved during Stone Belt's 2023 giving season, one standout success was using CharityEngine's CMS capabilities for its Giving Tuesday campaign. Stone Belt created customized website pages enriched with compelling narratives that proved instrumental in driving engagement.

A campaign highlight was a board match of $10,000, which resulted in a total raise amounting to approximately $21,000, marking the organization's most successful Giving Tuesday to date. The flexibility to design and personalize web pages directly within the system emerged as a particularly valued feature, empowering Stone Belt to effectively convey its mission and inspire generosity among supporters.

What Other Nonprofits Can Learn

Nonprofits can learn valuable lessons by unlocking Stone Belt's experiences.

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Embrace the Fundraising Platform Search as an Opportunity

Stone Belt recognized the quest for a new solution as a chance to uncover additional capabilities, such as automation workflows, that could enhance their operations.

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Provide Vendor with Feedback

Stone Belt offered valuable feedback to CharityEninge regarding its online auction capabilities, resulting in a new "Buy Now" feature within the auction application.

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Explore Unexpected Capabilities

Initially focused on finding a fundraising CRM with a robust core set of features, Stone Belt discovered unexpected potential in CharityEngine. They leveraged its versatility to meet HR department needs, including creating a job application portal and automated emails to applicants for reference solicitation.

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