Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Sam Bock

Sam Bock is a passionate and experienced digital marketing expert with a strong background in both the technical and creative aspects of marketing. With a track record of success, Sam has worked with reputable companies such as CTG, Charitybuzz, Friends of the Children, CleanFuego, and Food & City as a digital marketing consultant in Brooklyn.

Previously, Sam served as the Marketing Operations Director at Aligned Energy, where she built and managed CRM systems, executed multi-channel campaigns, and provided valuable analytics and reporting to the board. As the Social Media Director at Elio Motors, Sam tripled Facebook likes, created engaging commercials, and effectively managed digital ad campaigns. In addition, Sam's role as the Research and Digital Media Coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks involved overseeing social media platforms, delivering in-game updates, and creating viral content.

With a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp certification from Columbia University and a BA in Marketing with a minor in Film and Media Production from Arizona State University, Sam brings a versatile skill set to the role.

Outside work, Sam enjoys playing slowpitch softball and participating in rec league basketball.

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