Account Executive

Rhys Mallinger

Rhys is a CRM and Analytics nonprofit guru originally from the United Kingdom. He has served nonprofit organizations for the past 14 years, working with the nation's largest and most complex organizations. His work domestically and internationally has helped nonprofits create analytical strategies and establish seamless infrastructure so they can focus on revenue and furthering their mission.

His love for 501c3s and 501c4s carries over from his professional to personal life working with local community-based organizations such as Meals-on-Wheels, food banks, and orphanages. His passion for helping charitable organizations is empowering and he strives relentlessly to ensure client success. When he isn't feverishly working to make the world a better place, he spends time at home with his wife, two sons, and giant Goldendoodle. You may also find him playing his guitar and watching beautiful sunsets in Charleston, SC.

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