Automatic Credit Card Updater

Never Miss a Gift Because of Expired Credit Cards

Prevent missed donations and improve sustainer retention with our Automatic Credit Card Updater. You will never have to worry about declined transactions due to expired or lost credit cards again.

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How It Works

98% Sustainer Retention Rate

When a donor’s credit card is about to expire, or their credit card details change, we identify the changes through the credit card networks and automatically update your records. This is one of the many reasons our clients enjoy a 98% sustainer retention rate.

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Raise More

Easy for You and Your Donors

Your donors won't have to lift a finger. You'll avoid awkward calls asking donors to update their cards, and you'll prevent the loss of recurring revenue.

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Increase Monthly Giving

Keep more of your loyal sustainers giving each month. By reducing payment disruptions, your overall monthly giving steadily rises.

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Improve Donor Experience

Many donors won't respond or go through the hassle of updating their cards. Seamless and uninterrupted giving builds donor trust and satisfaction.

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Save Time

Contacting donors to update their information is time-consuming and inefficient. Eliminate manual outreach. No more pulling reports and contacting donors about updating their cards.

How can I get started with CharityEngine’s Automatic Credit Card Updater?

Once the Automatic Credit Card Updater is activated, what can I expect next?

How can I track my ROI on this feature?

An All-in-One Solution

Make it Easy to Give

Secure, convenient payment processing makes it easy to give, and you don’t have to spend time worrying about what’s happening to donations. With a collection rate that hovers around 98%, CharityEngine has the tools you need.

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