Monthly Gifts & Billing

The best monthly giving management tools for managing 1K+ sustainers.

User Center Self-Management

When a monthly-giver logs in to their user page, 1 of 3 things happens. Your data gets better, your relationship gets stronger, or your funds get larger. All good things.

Omni-channel acquisition

However you bring in your monthly donors - direct mail, digital ads, face-to-face, radio, and even DRTV - seamlessly manage their journey from day 1.

Automated Communications

Nowhere is automation more important than in staying on top of your relationship with donors, and ensuring the full value of their gift for both of you.

Our technology and recurring billing expertise help ensure that every monthly gift intended for your mission makes it.

How it helps

Once you approach 500+ monthly givers, your credit card payment capabilities become much more complex. Our recurring billing technology and subject expertise help ensure you run with ease.

Online Donation Forms

Our Online Donation Forms come out of the box with monthly giving options for credit cards and ACH/Checking, and secure PCI-certified card protection.

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing tool makes it easier for you to keep monthly givers active, engaged and involved with the content they value the most.

User Center

Our branded User Center includes self-management for sustainers and members to update their credit card info, address info, and communications preferences.

Face to Face & DRTV

When your organization invests in Face-to-Face or Direct Response TV to build your monthly giving program, we'll ensure you maximize the return.

Communication Series

We'll help you maximize efficiency and positive donor relations, even before their credit cards are set to expire, without burdening your donor care team.

Automatic Credit Card Updating

Auto-update expired cards on file for VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Because we update the number directly, you don't have to update it again.

Billing & Payment Engine

Our recurring billing, invoicing, and re-billing automation run in the background to make things easier and more efficient for your staff and your donors.

PCI-Certified Security

We are not just PCI-Compliant. We are PCI-certified, via a rigorous third-party validated review process. See our listing on the VISA registry of Preferred Services providers.


A perfect fix of automation and custom control of Acknowledgement letters and emails let you manage "Thank You's" with both mass efficiency and personalization.

Are we missing something?

Our tool does far more than is shown in this list. Is there anything else you are looking for? Ask our team about it.

You can reach out to them by email and say “Hey, your card is going to expire. Click on this form to make these updates.” There are tactics you can put in place like that to ensure they don't miss the monthly payment.
Michelle Vargas, Direct Response Director
Wounded Warrior Project
Quote from Nonprofit Pro Webinar "Help! I have over 1K Sustainers! Now What?" on how WWP uses CharityEngine for Sustainer management.

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