Director of Content

Julie Kennon

Julie Kennon is a corporate communications expert with a love of writing. As CharityEngine’s Director of Content, she’s responsible for written and video content and incorporating it into a broader, content-driven marketing strategy.

Before joining CharityEngine, Julie served as the Director of Communications for Astriata, a design and web development company. Previously, she was a writer and corporate communications consultant for multiple individuals and businesses in different industries. Even before that, she was the Director of Corporate Communications for a company that sent her all over the world and taught her a lot about the fascinating world of power plants. (That's a joke. They're boring.)

When Julie’s two children were younger, she burned up her keyboard as an editorial writer. Her work appeared online in cool places like the New York Times and Psychology Today websites and in print in local magazines. She reached fame (in her own eyes) when her writing was reposted online by a syndicated Washington Post columnist and syndicated by an online blogging network.

Outside of work, she spends time getting her increasingly reluctant kids to hang out with her and her husband. He's a good guy because he loves to sit and have a glass of wine and listen to stories about her day, even if he has already heard them. She also adores her very naughty rescued Lab, Piper, who steals food from the counter and then hides it under the pillows on sofas or beds.

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