Advocacy Software

Empower Your Donors to Make a Difference

When your most dedicated donors want to do more, they can become vocal advocates for your mission. They pick the channels and you give them the tools.

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A Complete System

Data-Powered Advocacy for Targeted Efforts

Our advocacy solution is part of an integrated donor management ecosystem so you can effectively direct your donors in advocacy efforts. Divide supporters into groups by location and the channels they want to use. Use additional tools to give power to your advocacy campaign.

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Software That Powers People

Define Your Mission and Choose Your Channels

Find a powerful voice when you equip your donors to advocate for your mission. Their collective stories and personalities will speak louder than any one organization can. Define the change you want to see and the channels that will most effectively communicate your message, and then watch as change happens.

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Encourage contacts to take legislative action

Encourage your contacts to reach out to lawmakers, judges, and news organizations to support the legislative initiatives you believe in.

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Create advocacy issues and default messaging

You decide the issue and the most effective messaging, and then share that with your donors through channels that make it easy to replicate your content.

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Share your advocacy pages on social media

Create phone scripts, email templates, petitions, letters, and social media pages that can be easily and widely used.

First, the Basics

Wondering How to Start?

From organizing donors to executing the campaign and tracking the results, our all-in-one nonprofit CRM with advocacy software does it all. Still have questions?

How do I find advocates and get them started?

How can software help me start advocacy actions?

How do I share my advocacy efforts?

Comprehensive Tools

Advocacy Tools Help You Make A Difference

You work every day to bring about change for a cause that matters. Advocacy tools make it easy to mobilize supporters through online campaigns, email, text, and social media. Track participation and measure results, all in the same nonprofit CRM.

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