Peer-to-Peer Software

Our peer-to-peer fundraising software makes it easy to set up personal and team pages to raise funds in mere minutes for grassroots campaigns and run/walks, rides, a-thons, and other events!

Peer-to-peer software enables organizations to create campaign pages to raise both money and awareness for your mission.

Get set up with Peer-to-Peer software.

With CharityEngine, your nonprofit can make your own microsite from which you’ll run your peer-to-peer campaign. From your main peer-to-peer page to the pages your fundraisers will personalize and share with their networks, you can rest assured that your campaign will be well branded and accurately reflect your organization’s mission.

CharityEngine’s peer-to-peer software is integrated with our events management tools allowing your team to set fundraising goals and track your progress towards those goals from a single, centralized location.

With CharityEngine’s peer-to-peer software, your nonprofit can track your progress and show adequate appreciation for your valued supporters.

Peer-to-Peer Software Features

Our peer-to-peer software integrates seamlessly with our events management tools, donor management and fundraising solutions, helping your nonprofit fit your campaign into your larger nonprofit strategy. Plus, CharityEngine’s easy-to-use system does the heavy lifting for your organization, making it easy to configure and launch your campaign quickly.

Create a microsite dedicated specifically to your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Configure the background, campaign goal, and reiterate your mission quickly using the comprehensive yet malleable templates from CharityEngine.
Create peer-to-peer fundraising teams to further engage your audience and encourage friendly competition to drive your fundraising efforts further.
Each of your peer-to-peer fundraisers has the opportunity to personalize their fundraising page and microsite to let their connection to your mission shine through.

How it works

CharityEngine’s peer-to-peer software seamlessly integrates with your contact records, marketing materials, event registrations, payment processing, and other tools. This makes it easy to set campaign goals, personalize pages, and share involvement opportunities with supporters.

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From the CharityEngine Webinar Peer-to-Peer: Redefined

What people say

"With a smaller organization, I found my favorite thing about Charity Engine software - other than the cost, was the intuitive interface that made it easy for a few people to manage events, peer to peer marketing and fundraising."
Dana Bunke, Global Executive Director
ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
formerly client at Wounded Warrior Project & others

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