Peer-to-Peer fundraising: Reimagined

The best peer-to-peer fundraising platform for nonprofits is CharityEngine.

Watch the webinar to see why.

Watch "Peer-to-Peer: Reimagined" to see how easily you can:

Create a peer-to-peer site - Select steps for your sign-up
Design default personal & team pages - Empower supporters

Watch this 3-minute sneak preview from the webinar on "Designing your site".

Plan. Run. Care. For your peer-to-peer fundraising.

Our peer-to-peer module natively integrates with our nonprofit CRM and donor management/fundraising platform.

So you can put up easy-to-build peer-to-peer sites for events & give supporters the chance to create their own, with a platform natively designed to make everything flow together. Your contact records. Your email & texting/sms communications. Your event registrations. Your payment processing. Your DIY tools. All fluidly connected. No Imports and Exports. No Data Silos. Truly all-in-one.

That's why it's the best. :)

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Wounded Warriors Project
Foodbank for the Heartland
Rainforest Trust
Bright Focus Foundation
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
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