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88.7 The Cross: The Power of Giving in Real Time

How a Christian music radio station leveraged technology to double its fundraising goal and create a dynamic giving experience for its listeners.  


88.7 The Cross, a Christian radio station based in Monroe, Louisiana, is dedicated to broadcasting contemporary Christian and worship music that uplifts and inspires its audience. In 2023, the station selected CharityEngine as its fundraising platform, marking a strategic shift away from its previous solution, Bloomerang.

The decision to transition stemmed from several key challenges, notably issues with data hygiene and the inability to track donations in real time. For example, when online donations poured in during fundraisers, even small discrepancies in contact information would create entirely new profiles rather than link to the correct record.

"We needed a platform that caters to the specific needs of radio stations. Without real-time donation tracking, acknowledging donors on-air during our radiothons became impractical."

Lynee Free, Director of Ministry Development  |  88.7 The Cross


In October 2023, 88.7 The Cross geared up for one of its most significant fundraising endeavors: "Impact Days," a five-day radiothon where the station leverages airtime to drive donations. Throughout the radiothon, the station shares impactful stories and encourages listeners to call in or donate online.

Radiothons harness the power of radio to inspire giving by weaving together compelling narratives and time-sensitive appeals for donations. For 88.7 The Cross, events like "Impact Days" serve as pivotal annual fundraisers that not only engage listeners but also sustain the station's community initiatives. Setting an ambitious yet attainable target, the station aimed to acquire 75 new donors over the five-day on-air fundraiser.


"We base our goals on a number of people, not on a number of dollars. We do that so we don’t get caught up in raising a dollar amount that we miss the impact we can have on people.”

Lynee Free, Director of Ministry Development  |  88.7 The Cross


Leading up to the fundraiser, the station prepared impactful stories to share during broadcasts, highlighting its community impact. Staff and volunteers were mobilized to handle calls and donations efficiently.

Using CharityEngine’s campaign pages and customizable donation forms, 88.7 The Cross had a real-time view of donation activity to monitor progress. As gifts flowed in, the information was shared with on-air personalities to recognize and thank new supporters. This donor-centric approach created an interactive, high-energy giving environment.

Through careful preparation, teamwork, and effective use of technology, the station set the stage for exceeding the campaign goals and deepening listener engagement.



The 2023 Fall "Impact Days" radiothon was a huge success! 88.7 The Cross surpassed expectations by more than doubling its target, rallying 160 donors while generating funds that exceeded expectations.

These contributions ensure the station can keep playing encouraging Christian music that provides comfort to listeners going through difficult times. Additionally, the money helps the station be active at community events where they can pray with people, interact with families, and provide spiritual support to those who need it.

What Other Nonprofits Can Learn

In examining the remarkable success of 88.7 The Cross's recent fundraising endeavor, there are invaluable lessons that other radio stations can glean to enhance their own fundraising strategies.

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Recognize Donors in Real Time

Broadcasting donations as they come in creates an energized giving environment. Thanking supporters on air not only acknowledges them personally but also motivates others to give.

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Select the Right Technology

For radio stations, real-time recognition ability is essential. Choose solutions like CharityEngine that seamlessly provide the exact features you need. The right technology optimizes your workflow and may also reduce costs.

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Focus on People, Not Just Money

Like 88.7 The Cross, consider setting goals based on the number of donors versus dollars raised. This approach prioritizes nurturing supporter relationships rather than fixating on financial targets. View donors as partners to cultivate versus short-term transactions.

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