Marketing Coordinator

Steven D'Alexander

Steven is a dedicated Marketing Coordinator at CharityEngine, bringing valuable experience and a strong work ethic to the team. He's committed to contributing his creativity and skills to elevate the company's marketing efforts, striving to make a positive impact professionally and personally.

With a passion for technology and an eagerness to learn, Steven has experience leveraging multiple CRMs and running AI-powered marketing campaigns. His sales background allows him to approach marketing challenges with a fresh and innovative mindset.

Steven firmly believes in the power of collaboration and actively seeks opportunities to work alongside his team members. Embracing a "fail fast" mentality, he views challenges as learning experiences that fuel his growth. Before joining CharityEngine, Steven worked with a fast-paced tech startup after graduating from JMU in 2022: an experience that ignited his passion for the tech industry.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys sports and music. He's an avid golf and tennis player, and as of the 2022 US Open, a huge Carlos Alcaraz fan. Music has also been a lifelong passion for Steven, who has played piano for as long as he can remember. He also picked up guitar in high school.

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