Sustainer Management

Increase Monthly Giving

Sustainers are core supporters of your mission. Our CRM can help you build, nurture, grow, and manage a successful monthly giving program.

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Online Tools

Build a Sustainer Program

Make it easy for sustainers to give with automated billing and an online portal where they can manage their recurring payments.

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Sustainer Mgmt Second
Monthly Giving Management

Attract and Retain Sustainers

With higher-than-average retention rates, monthly givers can be counted on to keep your nonprofit growing. Enhance communication and automate donation collection to focus on increasing your nonprofit’s impact.

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Automate Your Billing

Take monthly billing off your to-do list and let technology bill your donors and pledges. Automate that headache!


Industry-Leading Collection of Missed Payments

Missed payments mean missed funds for your nonprofit. Use automated rebilling to get the payments back on schedule.


Online Portal For Donors

Let your donors increase their payment amount, resubmit a missed payment, or share their dedication to your mission in a password-protected online portal.

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More About Monthly Giving

Sustainer donations can spell a big win for your nonprofit and fundraising software makes giving easy.

Why does my nonprofit need a monthly giving program?

How does monthly giving help my supporters?

How do I retain monthly donors?

Level Up!

Technology Makes Sustainer Management Easy

Don’t leave sustainer management to chance. Utilize our industry-leading tools and expertise to level up your monthly giving program.

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