Online Forms and CMS

Advanced Online Forms

Customizable landing pages and online forms help you raise money and collect key fundraising data. Clear, branded forms make it easy for donors to give.

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Easily Customized

Enhance Your Fundraising with Online Forms

A user-friendly editor makes it easy for you to create content for your online donation and event forms. Specify the frequency of recurring gifts, customize your form layouts, and even use a QR-code generator so your donors can link to an online form. Make it easy for your donors to support your mission!

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Online Forms Second
Safe and Secure

Craft Effective Online Donation and Event Forms

With recurring donation options and multiple fund options, your donors will find it easy to support your cause. Advanced fraud protection and PCI-certified card storage keep data safe.

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Customize Your Donation and Event Forms

Customize online donation and event forms for personalized outreach. Advanced form field configuration with unlimited custom fields allows you to customize donor and carbon copy email receipts, use your own domain name and SSL certificate, and configure your SEO title and metadata.

Maximize Gift Amounts

AI-based automated suggestions help maximize gift amounts. Include a field for donors to opt into covering processing costs to put more dollars into your mission.

Keep Your Donor Information Safe

Patent-pending, AI-based fraud protection keeps an eye on IP patterns, user behavior, and data to keep your information and donations safe.

Common Questions

How to Elevate Your Fundraising with Online Forms

Integrated, customized forms will give your donors clear paths to continued support!

What are elements of a good online form?

Can I add matching gifts to my donation forms?

Do the online forms include thank-you pages?

Make Giving Easy

Customize Your Outreach For Effective Fundraising

Your donors are eager to support your mission, and your job is to make it easy for them to give. With personalized, customized form fields and the ability to prefill forms with data stored in CharityEngine, outreach is more effective and relationships are easier to build.

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