Payment Processing

CharityEngine brings advanced automation, reporting and fraud protection to both single-event and recurring payment processing, saving enormous amounts of time and money for nonprofits with large sustainer programs. Successfully & securely process, store and update VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover cards along with ACH and PayPal.

Integrated Accounting & Payment Processing

As a Tier 1 Payment Processing & Merchant Services provider, CharityEngine directly integrates our Billing Engine activity into the CRM, giving you a 360 degree, real-time and drill-down view of financial management.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Our patent pending Advanced Fraud Protection and unique Environment Aware approach to security means we go beyond standard security processes to incorporate hundreds of unique data attributes to malicious activity and fraud monitoring including WHERE the donation is being made, WHO is making the donation and WHAT TYPE of fundraising activity.

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PCI Certified

CharityEngine is not just PCI compliant, we maintain PCI Certification Level 2, version 3.2 by 3rd party validator Fortrex. We don’t simply self report that we are meeting PCI requirements but rather undergo rigorous 3rd party evaluation and testing across our entire organization to confirm that credit card data storage meets the requirements of VISA, Mastercard, Amex & Discover.

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More Stuff For Payment Processing

Here are some additional features and capabilities that are related to your payment processing needs.

Donor Level Integration

Gain more control for you and your donors' payment capabilities at the contact record level.



Save on high transaction fees with our unique peer-to-peer payment capabilities.


Credit Card Updater

Our automated tools ensure you never lose payments to expired credit cards.


Multi-Channel Reporting

Customizable reports & dashboards manage data & revenue for all of your channels - email to direct mail.



Get more information about your donors with integrated survey capabilities.


Sustainer Management

Industry-best tools for small monthly giving programs or large, DRTV-driven ones.


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