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CharityEngine's natively built platform makes e-commerce fast and easy with our online shopping cart. Online shopping raises revenue! Sell goods, experiences, or even donations to maximize your fundraising.

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Diversify Fundraising Efforts

Make Giving Easy With an Online Store

Compliment your boots-on-the-ground fundraising efforts with a strong e-commerce platform that capitalizes on your mission.

Online stores are an easy way to validate and publicize your brand to increase your reach. E-commerce tools with native functionality make it a win for nonprofits and donors.

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No Integrations Required

Native Functionality Syncs Data Records

With our native e-commerce functionality, transactions are processed securely and quickly alongside your synced donor records. You can also add email automation and other native add-on tools for a multi-faceted fundraising approach.

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Maximize Your Nonprofit Revenue

E-commerce can strengthen donor relationships, extend your brand’s reach, build a community around your mission, and increase your fundraising efforts.

Technology That Makes It Easy

Our features include internal checkout and transaction processing, automated fulfillment notices and receipts, and merchandise and inventory tracking.

Collect Donations Online

Allow donors to “purchase” a monthly donation to build up a recurring donation program. The donation process is streamlined and automated.

Mobile Pay

Fundraising on the Go

Use a mobile pay app to process donations onsite quickly and securely. You can enroll donors on the spot and even send receipts from the app. When you're ready to up your game, add a credit card swiper that's integrated with the app!

Open for Business

So Many Possibilities!

When you’re ready to get started with e-commerce, CharityEngine has all of the tools you need to set up an online store. What to sell? Anything your donors want!

Does my nonprofit need e-commerce?

How can I use the data from e-commerce transactions in other fundraising efforts?

What are some best practices with nonprofit selling?

Before You Go

Add a Store to Your Toolkit

As a nonprofit, you want to engage donors, make it easy for them to give, and raise more money. No fundraising tool makes that as easy as a shopping cart!

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