Our integrated advocacy solution empowers people to help put their voices and votes to your cause, while empowering your fundraisers with data that tells you the most important piece of data you can have - they care!

Advocacy tools for nonprofits

Engage supporters without asking for money. Our advocacy center helps you channel their passion for your mission into action at multiple levels - federal, state, local, media or custom targets.

Track their Actions on their Contact Record

With our integrated technology, you'll have their advocacy data right on their donor record.

Offer multiple actions in one center

Our advocacy action center lets you choose whether to offer them one action (like sign a petition) or multiple actions (phone their reps, post on social, send an email) in a single workflow.

Cross-organization queryability

Because advocacy data is in the same place as the rest of their data, you can pull lists and segmentations that include advocacy engagement with other factors..

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