Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Caroline Cooke

Caroline is an experienced digital marketer who enjoys the many facets of modern marketing, as well as developing effective strategies from both qualitative and quantitative data. In her role as Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Caroline manages the direction and execution of CharityEngine's strategic efforts to increase brand awareness, qualified lead generation, and sales. 

Prior to CharityEngine, Caroline was an Inbound Consultant on HubSpot’s Premier Services team, serving as a trusted advisor to HubSpot’s top customers and helping them to execute successful marketing, sales, and service strategy. Caroline has also served as the Director of Communications for the New York Marketing Association (NYMA).

Caroline's professional background has been predominantly focused in the SaaS industry, specifically in HR technology and CRM software. She also launched her own marketing consultancy and event production business, and was featured in Arianna Huffington’s New York Times bestseller, The Sleep Revolution, for her work in sleep research and public health advocacy.

Caroline is based out of Boston, MA and is originally from West Chester, PA. Outside of work, Caroline can be found performing standup comedy, sailing, and skiing her way through Boston's long winters! 

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