It’s a Wonderful Life is exactly the reason you should use CharityEngine.

Tonight, millions of Americans are going to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Have you ever watched it from beginning to end? Most people haven’t. They have seen bits and pieces over time on TV, and usually the end, but don’t know the actual story.

The movie is George Bailey’s (Jimmy Stewart) entire life – as a young boy, as a young man, as a new husband, and then on the fateful night he is visited by Clarence the Angel.

But truly the best part of the movie is the final classic scene of George running trough town screaming “Merry Christmas” to everybody.

Now, you can just watch the last 10 minutes, and still taste its magic. If someone explains to you “George wanted to take his life because he thought he was ruined financially, but an angel showed him how wonderful his life actually is and that he should be appreciative to be alive”, you can understand what is happening at the end.

But you won’t really understand it. You can’t understand what brought George and those people to that moment when they showed up at his door – Mr. Gower, Mr. Martini, Uncle Billy, Mary, Violet Bicks, the Bank examiner, his brother Harry or why Sam Wainwright (hee-haw!) wired $25,000 for George.

You won’t understand why it’s significant to all of them, unless you have watched the whole movie.

So, what does this have to do with CharityEngine?

Your donor management technology strategy needs to be focused on helping you see your donor’s life with you from beginning to end – from acquisition through every donation, every click, every event attendance, every phone call, every peer-to-peer page – so you can understand your organization’s role in them having a fulfilled, meaningful, and wonderful life.

Like IAWL, bits and pieces seen at different times in different places, isn’t the same as watching the whole thing from beginning to end.

If you aren’t focused on their donor journey, you are simply basing your relationship with them on the last 10 minutes of the movie. Which is fine.

But it’s a masterpiece when you watch the whole thing

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