3 Fundraising Partnerships that Stole the Spotlight in 2019

CharityEngine clients are by nature, innovative and forward-thinking.
Here are three Fundraising ideas that our clients did that broke the mold in 2019

CharityEngine Clients Creative Fundraising Ideas


You know it. We know it. The search for fundraising dollars is competitive.

Standing out is not easy. When there's a chance for your nonprofit to grab the spotlight (in a good way!), you have to take it. Not only does it bring awareness to your mission and organization,  but it just as importantly excites your current universe of supporters that they are associated with something as cool and in the news as you!

Sometimes the spotlight finds you, when Wounded Warrior Project was offered a 10-second spot on the largest stage in America, the Super Bowl!  But...sometimes, you have to grab the spotlight yourself! So to inspire you for 2020, here are 3 inspiring ways our clients made their luck with out-of-the-box and ready for prime-time appeals that were fundraising wins and gave their supporters something to be proud - and excited about.

1) Help Heal Veterans Works with Southwest Airlines

You might be aware of what many veterans suffer as a result of their service in the US military after engaging in travel, training, battles, and wars. Several nonprofits and services are dedicated to helping these veterans heal and recover, but like any great need, more help is always needed. Many veterans suffer from PTSD, emotional trauma, physical trauma, or lifelong crippling disabilities. Even more find it difficult to begin life again or to get employment.

Help Heal Veterans programming includes creating therapeutic craft kits that help veterans recover. When Southwest Airlines was looking for a way to upcycle used seat leather, a new therapeutic craft project was born. And an environmentally valuable one at that!

Eleven different types of therapeutic craft kits were produced from the donation of 6,094 plane seats from over 42 planes. Billfolds, wallets, biker wallets, neck IDs, checkbook covers, stadium seats, and lumbar pillows turned into 31,577 kits with a retail value of $875,503.

Foam from Southwest Airlines seats was also used as moccasin liners. This endeavor produced 6,228 moccasins kits valued at $275,738.

The Results: This unexpected win-win partnership reduced waste and offered a healing opportunity for some of our country’s heroes. As a result, Southwest Airlines was awarded the Help Heal Veterans Partner of the Year 2018.

2) Food Bank for the Heartland: Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Yardage Turned Into Meals on Tables (via Spreetail)

This is one for the books. The fun, creative partnership had a mission to beat child hunger across Nebraska, where more than eighty-two thousand children wonder where their next meal is coming from. This fall, ninety thousand Huskers fans filled Memorial Stadium to cheer on the Husker football team. For every offensive yard the Huskers gained during the regular season, Spreetail, an e-commerce company, donated $20 (about sixty meals) to Nebraska's Feeding America Food Banks: Food Bank for the Heartland and Food Bank of Lincoln.

This effort brought a community together in a fun and unique way in order to battle a serious issue. It encouraged unity toward a common goal and inspired a team and its fans along the way.

And to make it even more interactive, Food Bank for the Heartland brought the engagement into their forms by having donors, while making their donation, ALSO pick the winners for the Cornhuskers upcoming schedule. The scoring inclusion created an opportunity for the marketing to organically reach out to the campaign participants around the weekly scores and the end of the season tally.

The results: Win-Win! Food Bank for the Heartland nails a fun way to connect donors with giving and their passion for their favorite local sports team, in an ongoing and sustainable way.

3) AMVETS Gives New Home to Rolling Thunder

For years, motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers have gathered in Washington, DC, on Memorial Day weekend to honor US veterans with the Rolling Thunder Rally. This year came quite a heartbreaking announcement that the group behind Rolling Thunder was no longer able to coordinate and manage the event. 

It was all over the news - one of our most inspiring and beloved events for Vietnam Veterans was about to be no more. 

We are thrilled that our client, AMVETS, saw the opportunity to bring it into their fold and to keep the event - pun completely intended - rolling!

In 2020, nonprofit AMVETS will host a new honorary event in lieu of Rolling Thunder called “Rolling to Remember.” It will take place on May 22 to 24. The honorary event will preserve Rolling Thunder’s past focus on remembering troops still missing in action from overseas conflicts, but it will also open a public discussion of the national veterans suicide crisis, which claims twenty lives a day.

"[The goal] is to remember those who have yet to come home, to remember those who are in harm's way, and to remember those who came home but are still struggling. We, as a country, must remember we are still a long way to fulfilling our promises to those who served" said an AMVETS representative.

The Result: AMVETS brings the spotlight to its mission and saves one of the most powerful brands in honoring military heroes - Rolling Thunder!


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