Nonprofit Payment Processing

Our PCI-certified payment processor allows you and your supporters to rest assured knowing that all payments and donations are safe and secure throughout the entire giving process.

Keep your supporters’ payment data safe with a PCI-Certified processor.

CharityEngine’s payment processing software is included on The Visa Global Registry of Services Providers, examined and scrutinized by a qualified security assessor as a part of the extensive audit to ensure CharityEngine has the highest degree of security available for your nonprofit and your supporters.

Plus, by processing all of the donations ourselves, we eliminate the middleman, limiting the number of eyes on payment data while simultaneously lowering the cost. It’s a win-win!

Nonprofit Payment Processing Features

With CharityEngine’s nonprofit payment processor, you receive all of the tools you need to efficiently manage the entire donation process. Plus, you’ll have access to a team of experts who will be by your side throughout the entire implementation process and beyond!

Automate workflows within CharityEngine to take care of your nonprofit’s billing needs. Billing is run in the background to make the giving process easier for your donors.
Rather than processing each donation separately, CharityEngine employs a batching system to settle donations and financial gifts made to your organization. This saves time, energy, and money as many donations can be settled at once.
As an all-in-one system, you can enable CharityEngine to automate the transfer of data between your development and finances teams, making for easy reconciliation and open communication between the departments.

How it works

CharityEngine’s comprehensive system handles every step of the donation process, from the fundraising page to the donation processing to the revenue record-keeping. Our complete and safe system limits the number of eyes on your data, adding additional security to our PCI-certified system.

What people say

"The convenience & ease of all Fundraising streamlines comes within CharityEngine. From simple Donation processing, to Online forms, Event registrations and individualize Marketing tools, CharityEngine is the powerhouse software!"
Nick Long, Donor Database Manager
Foodbank for the Heartland

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