Vice President, Information Technology

Mic Geoghegan

Mic has 25 years of experience designing and implementing digital solutions and architecture that is designed and placed with intention. With a focus on process efficiency, digital adaptation, and modern workplace design, Mic is able to apply and inject new technology and solutions into existing architectures. This dramatically increases the usability of a system and bridges the separation chasm created by a mix of onsite and remote employees, allowing off-premise team members to participate and collaborate without the disconnection that comes from a lack of proximity.

Mic appreciates a challenging environment, and is known to be an out-of-the-box problem solver. He carefully balances  design-first, feature-rich, innovation-forward design that is counterbalanced by its lack of complication and ease of use and adaptability.

Prior to joining the CharityEngine team, Mic led IT and engineering teams around the world, managing production and operations facilities globally and architecting automation and modernization projects internationally. His formal training comes from serving in the US Navy, where he specialized in advanced electronics, communications, cryptography, and satellite communications systems.

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