CRM Strategy & Integration

Work with our team of technologists to design a CRM solution featuring the CharityEngine platform integrated with any 3rd party tools for online, offline, events, major gifts, peer-to-peer, advocacy, or payment processing.

Platform of Record

Like Raisers Edge or Salesforce, CharityEngine is an enterprise-ready CRM built to house and manage large amounts of personal and financial data in a secure, and robust environment. Unlike those products, it was built exclusively for integrated online and offline direct response fundraising so it comes out of the box ready for multi-channel nonprofit operations with numerous API and data sync capabilities.

Data-Based Strategy

This is where we offer enormous savings in time, money and headaches. We work with agencies, integrators and directly with nonprofits to bring subject matter expertise to architecting and designing technology solutions around complex needs. Using both CharityEngine’s breadth of enterprise functionality and 3rd party integration capabilities, we can deliver custom configured solutions on-time and within budget.

Workflow Engineering

The power of CharityEngine isn't just what you can do in it - it's what you don't need to do anymore because of it! More powerful automation! More seamless integrations! More freedom to focus on strategy and action instead of manipulating data.


See what other features and capabilities CharityEngine includes related to your CRM Strategy.

Custom Analytics

Customizable reports and dashboards draw data from across your entire organization for strategic analysis and efficiency.

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Fundraising Tools

Online & offline modules for donor management, donation forms, email marketing, p2p, events & direct response management.

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Merchant Services

We eliminate the need for additional gateways and give your financial team direct, in-the-crm access to manage transactions.

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Fraud Protection

Our patent-pending advanced fraud tools keep credit cards safe, and reduce chargebacks by tens of thousands of dollars.

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Data Governance Strategy

We'll help create a framework of proven solutions for the complex challenge of data governance in a multi-channel world.

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Data Center

We’ve offered secure, hardened infrastructure-as-a-service for commercial and nonprofit orgs since 1999.

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