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Expand Your NonProfit’s Fundraising & Get GOOD at The Ask

Your mission matters to you. There is no doubt about that or you would not be dedicating yourself to work on it. That is part of what makes the Nonprofit world so unique and inspiring - professionals are working on what they believe in, often sacrificing to do so, for something greater than themselves.

But! (There is always a but!) Missions take money. So you fundraise. You network. You connect. You share. You ASK people to get behind your cause with their resources.

Are we celebrating the wrong thing at Thanksgiving?

Is it possible we are doing Thanksgiving wrong? Or at least celebrating the wrong thing?

I mean, it's great what we do - give thanks for that which we have in our lives. It's great to be with family. And while many of you would say Deep Frying my turkey and then stuffing my stuffing with cornpudding is a bad thing, to you sirs, I say "good day". But what I'm asking is, "is Thanksgiving really about being thankful?" I don't think so.

Nonprofit technology & stand-up comics bombing

After some recent conversations with nonprofits about their technology, I had to share one of the most fundamental lessons about stand-up comedy.

You will bomb. And that's necessary to get better.

In the beginning, at least 50% of your performances go terribly. The audience won't laugh. Your pits sweat. Your mouth goes dry. You'll say things expecting a laugh and the silence will be deafening. You'll screw up words and talk too fast. You'll start thinking they hate you more than anyone on earth.

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