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Point Of Sale
"The more you give, the more you get" also applies to Database Management.
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Sell tickets for events

Seminars, lectures, concerts, carnivals - whatever sort of events you hold, you can easily sell tickets online with our PCI compliant point-of-sale tools. Easy to set up and easy to manage.

Charity point of sale & E-commerce tools

Raise money & awareness by selling hats, t-shirts, posters, tickets and other items on your site.

Sell products online for additional revenue

Let people show their support by shopping! Offer branded promotional items on your website with an online store that generates new streams of revenue and helps your message break through in new places - golf umbrellas, workout t-shirts, coffee mugs, and original artwork.

Integrated payment processing for check out

Our eCommerce tools leverage the same trusted BIS technology that powers end-to-end online commerce for billion-dollar retail merchants. With PCI compliant transactions and integrated real-time payment processing for any credit card type, point-of-sale is an easy way to turn your swag into revenue.

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  • Integrated credit card processing Utilize integrated credit card payment processing for all online purchases
  • Integration with CRM All purchases records are tracked in CharityEngine® CRM and useable for segmentations
  • PCI compliant CharityEngine's Payment Processing Integrators are all PCI compliant
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