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Reporting & Analytics
"The more you give, the more you get" also applies to Database Management.
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Non-Profit Reporting Analytics

Our integrated platform turns your data into answers & opportunity.

CharityEngine's reporting gives you the power of on-demand, accurate, well-explained answers that help solve questions about every facet of your organization.

Dynamic segmentation for mailings & reports

The CharityEngine® suite aggregates supporter data in real-time from across your operations - donation pages, manual entry, exports, registrations, peer-to-peer, and other channels - into a flexible, intuitive database.

Because we can factor more complete data into our CRM, our reports, segmentations and custom queries help you make smart decisions and see opportunities that piecemeal solutions can't provide.

The more you tie together everything in your system, the more you can define actionable strategy.

Consistent labels create better data & less errors

Every field in CharityEngine® is labeled to your operational specifications so that identifying information entered through one channel matches across other channels.

Imagine combining two spreadsheets, with tens of thousands of names each, where the column headings and fields don't match up? It would take hours or even days to reconcile the data and there still might be mistakes. With CharityEngine, that never happens.

Acquisition, cultivation & retention begin with smartly defined reporting

No two organizations are exactly alike and neither are their reporting needs. Converting to CharityEngine® starts by establishing which reports matter the most, to help your fundraisers grow their base and solidify those who are already on board.

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