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Add images, videos, or surveys

Build calls-to-action into your email campaigns with donate buttons, share buttons, images and videos. Send a survey or poll to engage supporters without "making an ask."

Dynamic segmentation for targeted messaging

Our campaign tools let your marketing team control any aspect of messaging they want and measure its effectiveness with real-time accuracy. Full integration with our CRM and robust field management help you customize communications to reach the right audience with the right message, so you can ensure retention and continued support.

Run charity email campaigns that are integrated online & offline

Our email software for nonprofits is the hub of all online and offline communications in CharityEngine®.

Create broadcast or highly segmented and targeted call to action campaigns for email or direct response. Plus, schedule automated responses and trigger mails for donations, event registrations, and inquiries.

Robust reporting makes it easy to track success

Our real-time analytics tell you everything you need to know about the health of your email campaigns - click-thrus, views, forwards, and even heat mapping to see what sections draw the most attention.

Track interactions during the donor lifecycle

Direct integration with our CRM means every interaction is tracked as historic data and automated responses ensure every action can be punctuated with "thank you's", follow-ups and confirmations.

  • Mail merge tools for printed communications
  • Custom, WYSIWYG, & template email designs
  • Scheduled, automated, & auto-response emails with opt-in/opt-out functions and preference overrides.
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  • Easy segmentation & queries Define recipients lists based on simple or complex queries, segments and/or preferences
  • Track click thru data Track specific clicks to links for statistical analysis of response rates, click through rates, conversions, bounces, etc
  • Send small or large campaigns Send broadcast or micro targeted e-newsletters and email campaigns
  • Send online & offline communications Send personalized emails with attachments and prepare mail-merged documents for offline communications
  • Design content or use templates Easily design the content with a WISIWYG editor for each individual email communication (supporting html, and image files) or use multiple templates and blank ones
  • Peer-to-peer integration Incorporate tell-a-friend, sharing, or spread the word capabilities into communications
  • Send automated responses Send automated follow up emails to thank, remind, or confirm donations or transactions. Customize your messages and follow business rules and preferences so that each communication feels personal and heartfelt
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